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An online tool for instantly checking screen's display resolution and screen's health of any display device. It's totally free for everyone.

what is my screen's resolution?

By using myscreenchecker.com, you can instantly check resolution of your monitor, iPad, tablet, iPhone, Android smartphone, MacBook, Smart TV (Tizen, webOS, ...), and any other device with internet connection.

The Screen resolution is generally measured as width x height in pixels. For example, resolution 414 x 896 (as tested on iPhone XS Max) means the 414 pixels is width and 896 pixels is height of the screen.

Please be noticed that your current screen resolution may be less than maximum supported screen resolution (native or physical resolution). So you can change your screen resolution from your device setting for an appropriate one.

how to check my screen's health?

By touching on available colors, using specific one (black, white, ...) or random test, then observing with your eyes, you can detect if your display screen is still good or not. This method can help you to detect 'Dead Pixels' and also 'Backlight Bleeding' on the screen.

Full-screen mode is supported by default for checking screen's health, you can also rotate your screen while using this method to make sure this screen is good enough for your daily use.

Believing in your eyes for screen checking with myscreenchecker.com is the best way to verify, understand and enjoy your device's screen. You are the person using the device, nobody else.


What is my screen's resolution? How is my screen's health? Is there any dead pixels on my screen? Does my screen get backlight bleeding? Find out instantly for free right on the web with myscreenchecker.com ;)